Electrolux 10x




Inform every single Electrolux employee about the 10x framework and motivate them to take action.

The initiative is for every employee in the organization within the EMEA region. (Europe, Middle East, and Africa)

The initiative has its own branding done by Pond to make sure it is well received by the employees and to communicate that we take this initiative seriously.


– Research & insights
– Brand platform & strategy
– Digital & experience strategy
– Communication strategy
– Art direction


 In order to reach 20 000 employees and inform them of this initiative, the medium needed to be reliable and something that every employee use regularly. Therefore the choice ended up being email.

The information that needed to be communicated was divided into categories so that we could establish a pattern so that the information would be easily digestible.

A clear structure within these emails was important. That the purpose was clear and that expectations were explained immediately. Each email was to end with examples for inspiration and suggestions on how to actively participate. The main incentive was that every employee would get their voice heard, all the way up to management and the CEO as well since everybody was included in the program, including the CEO.

The emails were designed to come bi-weekly, so that they came often enough so you would not forget the initiative, but not too often to become an annoyance.

The first few onboarding emails received praise from all different departments and went on to be a significant step in a more productive direction at Electrolux.