Sophiahemmet University


Sophiahemmet has been educating nurses since 1884, when Queen Sophia, inspired by Florence Nightingale’s nursing school in London, sought to raise the quality of Swedish healthcare by introducing a new training concept for nurses in Sweden that comprised both theory and clinical practice.

Queen Sophia’s maxim was that the school should be “in step with the times”. It remains the university’s motto to this day.




Our current site is too busy and hard to navigate. Help us understand what we need in a new site, what it should look like and what it should contain.

Once we have an approved concept – design and build it.


– Research & insights
– Digital & experience strategy
– Communication strategy
– Design system
– Brand implementation & management
– Web design
– Website


Stefan Leijon – Creative director
Michell Niemistö – Art director
Fredrik Laason – Developer
Anton Ahlström – Project manager



There was quite a bit of research and pre-production work done for this project.

I started out by hosting a number of workshops where I involved all employees at the University. (see the film from one of the workshops below)

I then set up 9 teams of employees and students to do explorative research in their respective areas. The result was the foundation of the idea development that followed.

The site needed to be build to be flexible and alive. Therefore, a fluid framework needed to be the foundation of the platform, where eventually individual logins will be able to be customized to present information that is best suited for you in your role within the organization.

The design is updated from the hospital site as there are different needs on this site. The typefaces were updated, some colors were introduced, as well as some new design elements. However, the foundation of Sophiahemmet’s brand is still very much intact.

Visit to see the result.

One of the workshops held at Sophiahemmet University.