Back in 1986, I started throwing parties in Stockholm because I wasn’t old enough to get into clubs myself. I involved a team of about 50 people at my school that helped me distribute marketing material and sell tickets. I learned how to create curiosity and action and drive sales; through design and copywriting as well as smart and strategic distribution. By my 18th birthday, I was earning twice as much as my dad did at the time.

I later learned that the skills that I naturally had developed from my incurable curiosity and willingness to adapt and learn, was something that I could use to help others. I moved to New York at the age of 22 and started working at an office that managed a number of event venues and concert halls. I worked up the ranks from Junior Designer to Art Director and I was suddenly in charge of all advertisements, including the print-ads for the New York Times, The Village Voice, Time Out, and many other publications.

After 13 years in the US, having had a full career as a DJ flying around the United States and the world to provide entertainment to audiences up to thousands of attendees as well as a career in the New York advertising industry; I moved back to Sweden to further my studies and find new perspectives. With a start at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), in Stockholm and finishing my studying six years later by also completing the Digital Media program at Hyper Island in 2011.

Since moving back to Sweden, I have worked as Head of digital marketing at Bukowskis, the leading fine arts auction house in the Nordics as well as running my own advertising agency A New Dialogue for over 5 years. Finding solutions that come from a width and depth of knowledge and experience is what I do best.
Today I run a small design studio, House of Lions, where I take on clients needing help with all facets of design, from strategy to production.
I also run a tech company, Trypod, together with two business partners.

I regularly lecture at schools like Beckmans School of Design, Södertörns Högskola, Hyper Island among others, as well as other events and conferences about branding, marketing, graphical design, and advertising history as well as leading assessment processes of the student at international digital design and advertising school Hyper Island, which keeps me well informed and updated, and I have polished the ability to spot star talent.

I am a certified ARU, Ansvarig Reklamutgivare (Certified advertising publisher in Sweden) by Berghs School of Communication.