Marocco Hamam


A small Moroccan hammam in the center of Stockholm City. From individuals that want to escape to a warm, luxurious experience to couples or smaller parties. Come for the full Moroccan experience starting with a welcoming and traditional tea with an assortment of delicious snacks.




We are struggling to get the clientele that we want. Create a brand that has an air of exclusivity and design the visual identity for this new brand. We are open to changing the name. (current name is “Glamorous”)


– Research & insights
– Brand development
– Creative direction
– Naming
– Brand identity
– Identity design
– Environmental & retail design


I started by doing desktop research into not only Morocco and hammams, but also the service and well-being industry.

I also did a market analysis and looked at competitors with offerings in the same and nearby fields that are not normally seen as direct competition.

I then held a workshop with the client with a focus on digging into the brand and its origins, values, visions, and needs, etc.

With the results from the workshop, I suggested the name should be changed from “Glamorous” to “Marocco Hamam”. A clear and direct name, but purposefully misspelled to give it an exotic air.

The identity was a process that lasted a few weeks and was based on the results from the workshop. All design decisions can be clearly linked back to the brand and its origins, values, visions, and needs, etc.