Sophiahemmet Hospital


Sophiahemmet Hospital provides highly-specialized medical care to all patients and has contracted over 350 specialists in a variety of specialty areas with approximately 50 independent healthcare providers. At Sophiahemmet, a physician will be assigned specifically to you to manage your care throughout the entire period; otherwise known as a patient-assigned physician.

Sophiahemmet strives to provide the highest quality of service and care by placing a clear focus on patient safety. This same approach has transcended our activities since Sophiahemmet was founded in 1889.




Sophiahemmet Hospital’s website needs an overhaul. We are struggling with the fact that visitors are not finding relevant information and find it hard to navigate.

The current site is a bit overwhelming and crowded.

Design a new site and build it.


– Research & insights
– Digital & experience strategy
– Communication strategy
– Design system
– Brand implementation & management
– Web design
– Website


Stefan Leijon – Creative director
Michell Niemistö – Art director
Fredrik Laason – Developer
Caroline Picher & Anton Ahlström – Project managers


I began this project by hosting a number of workshops with various parts of the organization in order to get a solid understanding of the actual needs of the new site.

We agreed that we would use WordPress for this as the sites for the clinics we had built before are using WordPress, it made sense to keep it the same in order to not over complicate the administration.

Sophiahemmets Marketing Manager provided mood boards and some design direction for the site that we interpreted and refined. After approval from their marketing department, the designs were coded and implemented into the suggested structure for the site.

Just like the clinic sites, a button to call and a button for directions can be found on top of the page in mobile view. Another similarity to the clinic sites is the sections that open up. This gives the visitor a quick and easy overview of the content of a page and can find the relevant information quickly while getting a quick understanding of the overall topic.

The work on this site later led to the project of redesigning and building the site for Sophiahemmet University.

Visit to see the result.