Köket o Gården


The fruit and vegetable wholesaler and logistics expert Everfresh is the company behind the initiative Köket o Gården. The idea is to remove middlemen and put the food producer in direct contact with cooks in commercial kitchens.

This challenges the wholesalers that are the normal middleman where commercial kitchens normally order their produce from.

On the other hand, it puts the growing of the product much closer the end user and it lets the producer and the consumer have a conversation about the product directly.





This is a new, potentially disruptive, business model, so we need to pay extra attention to our tone of voice. We also need to have a solid grasp of all different areas and partners we affect and what their perception of this new service will be.

Before launching this, we need to make sure we minimize the risks of coming across the wrong way. The brand also need to be rooted in our sincere will of doing well. We also need a name that will embody these values, while being memorable.


– Research & insights
– Brand platform & strategy
– Brand development
– Naming


My work started with a branding workshop where we went through the core of the brand and also got a solid understanding of it’s producers and customers and their needs.

The result was a brand platform that included a strategy. A living document that was the foundation for the identity design as well as the core for all future communication – from visual to written, and from employees to users.

The guide included examples of what to do and what not to do so that the company can use it themselves.

Naming a business is always difficult as it is an organization’s face towards the public. What was important here was that the name gives an indication to what the company does while being memorable.

From the branding result, we also found that locality is important, so the name could not be in a foreign language. Therefore, we chose a name that can easily be changed in different countries while keeping the visual identity the same.