One of the top 10 real estate agents in Stockholm. They specialize in the southern part of Stockholm and its southern suburbs. They have nine offices in these areas.




A very open brief. I was a strategic marketing partner with Södermäklarna. I set strategies as well as produced all communication material.


– Research & insights
– Brand development
– Creative direction
– Design strategy
– Communication strategy
– Communication design
– Brand identity
– Identity design
– Digital product design
– Environmental & retail design


Stefan Leijon – Creative director
Sofia Johansson – Designer
Fredrik Laason – Developer
Marcus Weiderstål – Project manager


When I first started working with Södermäklarna, we defined the brief together and realized that this would turn into a long term, strategic partnership where I would act as marketing manager for the whole organization.

A period or research and interviews with all employees followed. I wanted to get an understanding of how the employees saw the company they work for and how they viewed the current communication and if they had any insights and ideas.

The work that followed were mainly in the areas of giving the identity a fresher appearance and I introduced a style of illustration for their marketing material and catalogues that are printed for each home they sell.

I also suggested new templates for their printed advertising which was completely re-designed, as well as the templates for all printed material including catalogues and marketing mailers.

The color palette was updated to modernize the appearance and we introduced a new typeface that was designed two blocks from Södermäklarna’s main office. I spoke to the type designer and was allowed to make minor changes to the font to better suit Södermäklarnas needs.