A restaurant located at the edge of Old Town in Stockholm, overlooking the water with Södermalm on the other side. No53 specialize in a variety of smaller dishes with influences from around the world paired with a good selection of wines as well as cocktails.




Design a card that can be given to customers that come often to the restaurant. The purpose is to give them a rebate on their bill to encourage these regulars to come more often and to bring new guests as they will be able to share this rebate with the whole party.


– Design strategy
– Concept development
– Experience design
– Product design


Although regulars will appreciate the benefits of this card, nobody will want another card in their wallet, if they even use a wallet anymore. This card is also something that is hidden from view most of the time.

Therefore we needed something that also made the keeper of this “card” aware of it regularly in a non-intrusive way. The objective is to make it an item that is useful and made No53 feel helpful and present every day.

So I created an aesthetically pleasing medallion that serves as a keychain. Something that you will bring with you every day and something that you use regularly.

The medallion itself was cast in brass and individually numbered by hand.